VR Trivia Battle – Tournament 1

Who is the true VR Trivia Battle champion? Find out at our first tournament! Sign ups are now live!

Everyone will get a full FREE month of Viveport Subscription, just by signing up. You will receive your code within 24 hours.

10/19 – 10/21

How to participate:
Play at least one game of VR Trivia Battle during the time period to qualify
You can play single player, 1v1, or Trivia Royale mode
Person with the highest single score in each of the three game mode wins
Play as many times as you want
Find other players at Discord.gg/TriviaBattle

First place in 1v1: Vive Wireless adaptor
First place in single player: 12 month Viveport Subscription
First place in Trivia Royale: 12 month Viveport Subscription
Top 10 in all game modes: 3 months of Viveport Subscription

Sign up below.

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